Awesome Dad Builds Kids A Haunted Playhouse

Recent events have resulted in us all spending a lot more time at home. While parents around the world are struggling to help their kids adjust to lockdown, this Dad has been working on an amazing project to give his kids a unique place to play.

Ben Norman worked on constructing this incredible haunted playhouse in his garden over a few months. The house features a crooked timber fence, small yard, porch complete with skeleton, and inside a mini mantelpiece decorated with gothic candlesticks.

Looking like the playhouse of Wednesday Addams, the house draws inspiration from a range of horror movies. The porch area sets a scene of rural America similar to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The gothic influence of television shows such as The Addams Family is also evident in the design – with dark foreboding windows and an overgrown path leading to the front door. We can easily imagine a witch returning home to the house on a dark stormy night, or a cluster of bats fluttering from the rafters. Even the yard and area around the building have been constructed to compliment the theme, with nearby tombstones suggesting a sinister history. Ben really needs to offer up his skills to home haunters or Halloween’s and seasonal events as he clearly has great skill in creating sets straight out of a horror fairytale.

The finished playhouse looks like it comes from the world of a Tim Burton movie! Perhaps Jack Skellington or the corpse bride from his animations use this house as a holiday home! We just need Ben to build a full size version so we can move in!

A good timber supplier like Bowens can help you with all your timber and building supplies needs if you ever decide to create one for your kids!

Would you want to live in a horror themed house, or would you find it a little too realistic? Let us know your thoughts on living in a real life haunted house.


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