Awesome Constellation Pumpkins For Astronomy Nerds


As Halloween draws closer, it’s time to start thinking about pumpkin options. We’ve looked at various no-carve pumpkin ideas in the past, but here’s another incredibly creative one to add to your Halloween to-do-list. The folks at TheMerryThought came up with this unique Jack O Lantern design which is sure to appeal to astronomy lovers.


The carvers explained, “Star-filled skies are one of our favorite things about living out in the country. We love laying out on a blanket, gazing up into the inky blackness spotted with twinkling stars, trying to be the first to spot a falling star or find the pattern of a constellation. We thought it would be fun to bring a bit of the night sky to our pumpkin display this year and it gave us a chance to “carve” pumpkins using a less traditional method – with a drill!”


If you fancy trying it out, Design Sponge have a tutorial you can follow. The constellations pictured are Andromeda and the Big Dipper, but the possibilities are pretty endless.


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