Attack Of The 50 Foot Film Fest is Supporting Indie Scares

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A premiere of quality short films are screening for the first time in Atlanta, produced by Atlanta filmmakers. Attack Of The 50 Foot Film Fest is set to screen an exclusive program of four independent horror films. Sci-Fi, Horror and Suspense themed, they include the black and white retro film “Attack Of The Face Melters“, the pilot episode for the 3rd season of Horror Hotel, “Sleep Tight“, A Stephen King screenplay adaptation of his short story, “Rainy Season“, and the multiple award winning “Mr. Lockjaw: Prequel episode One“.

“We wanted to put together a mini film fest of quality, exciting short films produced locally in Atlanta and premiering for the first time in Atlanta” says festival organizer Debbie Hess.” We have curated some really fun, quality films that showcase the talent and skill levels of Atlanta independent filmmakers very well.”

Here’s the line-up:

Attack Of The Face Melters – Jack is a lovable Comic geek that enjoys his Comics more than his girlfriend. Peril awaits when Jack’s Comic book comes to life. Written by Blake K. Swell and Directed by Tyler Weddle.

Sleep Tight – Bed bugs at the hotel snack on a body builder pumped full of steroids and grow to monstrous proportions terrorizing and attacking other guests at the seedy hotel. Directed by Ricky Hess and starring Jeremy Michael Grey.

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Rainy Season –  When a young couple arrives in the small town of Willow, ME they are warned to leave. They ignore the warnings and learn the horrific price the town must pay for prosperity. The Rainy Season has come back to Willow and when it rains…they pour.

The film is based on Stephen King’s short story Rainy Season from his collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes.  This is a fully authorized adaptation.

Mr. Lockjaw: Prequel episode One – A ventriloquist with mundane aspirations of becoming a children’s entertainer becomes subject to his dummy’s more sinister desire: interrogating and torturing criminals for the mob. Directed by Byron Conrad Erwin.

Where: The Plaza Theatre, Atlanta, GA
When: Tuesday, June 27th, 7pm

Tickets are available here.