Filmmaker Doesn’t Let Major Surgery Stop Feature Directorial Debut

While making a micro-budget feature film is hard enough, the crew for the horror, dark comedy At the End of the Tunnel had another obstacle to overcome.  After running a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised $36,000, and one month away from filming, writer and director Claire Wasmund went to the doctor for what she believed was indigestion, but instead found she’d need major surgery that would require six weeks of rest.

The female directed, written, produced, DPed, edited, and Latino starring film had already cast and locked locations; pushing the film six weeks could mean a loss of these, and a delay for Indiegogo backers. The decision was made to only push shooting by two weeks. After just two weeks of rest, director Wasmund showed up on set with 40 staples in her abdomen.

The film recently released a trailer which showcases its dark, quirky tone, and a production value far above its $36,000 budget.

Wasmund credits the supportive cast and crew with the film’s success. Says Wasmund, “Latinos have so few speaking roles in Hollywood, and when they do, they’re often stereotypes. Women fill so few key roles on set, so there was no way we were going to let a film with a compelling Latino character, a female director, and DP be set aside.”

The crew hopes this experience will teach others that there are no excuses in independent film.

Cleverly blending horror, dark comedy, and satire, “At the End of the Tunnel” tells the story of Felix Phelps, a young man with a recent near death experience. When his revival inspires him to become a born again Christian, Felix decides to write a feel good, tell-all memoir, but, an ex-girlfriend threatens to expose the truth. Felix needs to find a way to keep her silent, or pray she doesn’t tell. The film starts Fernando Noor, Katelyn Causey, and Bill Watterson. It is directed and written by Claire Wasmund, cinematographer and editor is Lex Benedict, and was produced by Claire Wasmund, Fernando Noor, Lex Benedict, and Greg Cruser.

More information can be found on the film’s website.

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