Ash Pryce Launches ‘The Great Big Horror Gameshow’

We’re big fans of guts and gore illusionist Ash Pryce. Some of you might have been lucky enough to catch his show at our latest event; Glasgow Horror Festival: BITE SIZE. Now the Psychic Conman is back with a brand new monthly event, titled The Great Big Horror Gameshow.

In the new event, pub quiz meets panel gameshow with a terrifying twist! It is a unique opportunity to flex your horror mind muscles. Participants join teams and take part in a panel gameshow.

Teams will compete in panel show rounds such as odd ones out, fact or fiction, general knowledge, and video rounds. There will also be performers and comedians involved to help out and take on the improve rounds and guide your team to absolute victory! And the best part? Its all HORROR related. Freddy Fan? Dracula Disciple? Love a bit of Frankenstein (Young AND Shelley!), maybe the Saw movies are more your thing.

Produced by the creators of the sell out Great Big Geek Gameshow, they bring their fun twist on the classic panel gameshow to the Glasgow Panopticon the first Thursday of the month. The venue has a few ghost stories of it’s own, being the oldest surviving Music Hall in the World and at one time boasting a wax work museum and freak show.

Find out more about the event on Facebook.