Artist’s Miniature Takes You Back To The Glory Days of Horror VHS

VHS has seen something of a revival in recent years. The popularity of 80s inspired Stranger Things, as well as fan nostalgia as films move to mainly online distribution might have something to do with the trend. We’ve spotlighted a few projects which pay tribute to the format, such as the creation of horror characters using tapes, and VHS covers created for modern films.

British FX artist Andrew Glazebrook revealed his own tribute to the era in a detailed construction of a video store. The 1/25 scale miniature of this aspect of his childhood is incredible – with the horror section displayed at the front of the ‘store’. Posters for various horror and sci-fi films also cover the wall, with the piece deliberately aged to convey the often run-down nature of the independent stores in the 80s and 90s.

He also created a VHS style video tour of the shop, with a somewhat haunting feel. Glazebrook also plans to build the store exterior, with a similar nostalgia style. He has tones more horror props and designs on his Facebook – make sure you check those out too.

Check out more images and the video below.