Artists Create Algorithm to Show the Spooky ‘Face’ of Films


(Black Swan)

No matter if you watch a film on Blu-Ray or film stock, all movies are made up of frames. Artistic duo Shinseungback + Kimyonghun wanted to create a method of using those individual frames to make an image truly representative of a film – and the results are awesome, if a little terrifying.


(The Matrix)

Together, they’ve pulled together a series of faces from the likes of The Matrix, Black Swan, Avatar and Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and created an algorithmic composite of frames used in the movie which contain faces.


(Kill Bill)


They’ve used a facial recognition tool which automatically detects any face every 24 frames – as the movie continues, frame by frame, it begins to generate “the face” of the film itself. The images themselves provide a haunting almost dreamlike summary of the films they represent.



Check out the full series here.