Artist Tributes To Disney’s Haunted Mansions

Despite being “the happiest place on Earth”, Disney theme parks boast a few darker elements in their attractions. Every Disney park around the world boasts some version of a haunted house ride; The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Park , Magic Kingdom, and Tokyo Disneyland, Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris and Mystic Manor in Hong Kong. The dark rides involve a tour in omnimover vehicles of a mysterious house, with many similar elements in each version.

A mix of traditional illusions and modern technology are combined to create an eerie experience for guests. When planning the first mansion for Disneyland, Marc Davis and Claude Coats, two of the mansion’s main designers disagreed on whether the ride should be frightening or comedic. The result is a unique experience mixing humor with genuinely dark themes and imagery. With fans around the world enjoying the mansion dark rides, many elements have become iconic; including the singing busts, the music, the vehicles known as ‘Doom Buggies’ and the crystal ball. The houses all have different backstories, but all claim to be home to 999 happy haunts!

Here are some of our favourite artistic tributes to Disney’s Haunted Mansion rides.

Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost by Sean McNally

Hitching by croonstreet

Ghosts by Fredrik Edén

Disney Wonderground by

Haunted Mansion of Cute by Jerrod Maruyama

Madame Leota by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Haunted Mansion by John Nadeau

31 Ghosts by  SHAG

Haunted Mansion via LA Times

Haunted Tarot by

Art of Disney by $imbolism

Rhapsody by croonstreet

Call in the Spirits by Glenn Arthur

Kingdom Keepers by

A Swinging Wake by Garrett McGill

Mystic Manor via

Happy Haunts by Jerrod Maruyama

Portraits de Phantom Manor via

Mansion by 


Help Us Master Gracey, You’re Our Only Hope by