Artist QIMMYSHIMMY Bakes Anatomy into Dessert Sculptures

Artist QIMMYSHIMMY creates deliciously gruesome sculptures of desserts – with a few extra ingredients! At first glance, you might simply see a delightful plate of macaroons, or a beautiful birthday cake. But look closer and you’ll find human flesh, severed baby heads and eyeballs incorporated into the clay cakes.

The artist explained““My works have always been about finding the balance between sweetness and horror, and trying to find a way a viewer can look at them and feel repulsed yet enticed. That is the reason why I work often with subjects that we desire—desserts, pastries, etc. I grew up quite an oddball with an overly imaginative mind, and wonder if things are more than what we think they are. With my work I try to push our preconceived ideas and associations with objects, which dark humor seem quite effective in doing so.”

Find out more at the artist’s website.