Artist PSYCA Combines Dark Imagery With Rainbow Colours In Unique Horror Paintings

We’re coming to the end of Women in Horror Month, but there’s still time to check out the unique artworks of Psyca aka Vanessa Tavares. Vanessa is an artist from Portugal, known for her strong colours, childish watercolour paintings and black and white drip paintings.

“My worlds are either happy and colourful, or dark and creepy, that balance between them is what makes me thrive.” she explains on her website.

Her works feature fantasy creatures, dark and unsettling themes, and horror twists on classic stories and fairytales. Some feature terrifying raw emotion, or unsettling portraits of horror characters including Hannibal Lecter and Jack Torrence.

Check out some of our favourites (especially the Nightmare inspired cat!)

You can purchase Vanessa’s work at her online store, and follow her on Facebook.

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