Artist Parodies Classic Disney Book Covers With Hilarious Horror Mashups

 Daniel Björk, aka KickPunch is a artist best known for satirical takes on pop culture characters and illustrated mashups. In this latest project, the artist drew inspiration from the iconic book covers from the Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading series. Familiar to most of us, the children’s book adaptations of Disney’s animated films were a staple of childhood from around the 1960s onward.

Daniel has selected some of the Disney company’s best known characters and recreated the book covers with influence from a range of horror films. It’s safe to assume that the House of Mouse would not approve of these gruesome and grisly takes on their beloved characters. The series features two different mash-ups of Lady & The Tramp (one with cult classic The Stuff and another with Stephen King’s Cujo), plus more gruesome combos like Cannibal Holocaust with The Jungle Book, Scanners with Mickey & Goofy, Bad Taste with Winnie the Pooh, Prince of Darkness with Snow White, and Little Shop of Horrors with Alice in Wonderland.

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