Artist Kristen Margiotta Invites You to Visit a Whimsical World of Childhood Nightmares


Kristen Margiotta is an illustrator and painter residing in Delaware where she was born and raised. Kristen’s love for the old world, painters as Caravaggio and Michelangelo, history, music, and childhood interests have shaped and inspired her works today. She is inspired by the past and imagery that is timeless combined with the beauty she finds in the macabre and bizarre.


Her images capture a whimsical world of childhood fears and nightmares. She explains: “I utilize my style of large eyed characters exploring unknown territory or experiencing an emotional response to exterior elements.  My paintings are visual stories meant to ignite that childhood spark in all of us.  I have always expressed an interest for Halloween and spooky visuals. I wonder if I am trying to experience the same feelings  I had as a child when enjoying my favourite creepy animation or picture book. Whatever the cause may be behind why I make the images I do, I want to take the viewer to an imaginary place where they can dream, fear, and laugh.”



Kristen has always been inspired by the macabre. She says: I still remember very clearly from  my earliest years in gradeschool through highschool, drawing anything, especially comics and Halloween inspired imagery, or copying art from my favorite album covers. Hours would be lost as I sat hunched over at my drawing desk, with Alice in Chains or KISS playing in the background and getting lost in my drawings”





Check out more of these beautiful images on Kristen’s website. and Facebook.