This Artist Knits Monster Face Masks

Icelandic artist and student Ýrúrarí is a lifelong knitter. During the coronavirus pandemic she has been using knitting to cope with the effects of lockdown. She explained that a fun, colorful project to occupy her mind has been important in helping her sanity while under quarantine.  Ýrúrarí has knitted a collection of unique face masks inspired by monsters. The cartoon style gives the Lovecraftian-looking masks a playful appearance, and many feature toothy grins, tentacles and forked tongues.

Her website explains the unusual craft; “Knit can create in spaces and on the human body in a way of illustrating the everyday three dimensional space. Ýr’s creations are on the wide spectrum from hand knitting figurative fun pieces on old jumpers to machine knitting abstract and complex mathematical textiles, working with the technique of weaving, OP art and making dimensions meet on the surface of knitted fabric”

The artist has been documenting the project on her Instagram, where you can check out her latest designs.

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