Artist Imagines What The Failed 90s ‘Alien’ Cartoon Might Have Looked Like


Remember that weird period in the 80s and 90s when toys marketed to children were often based on franchises that young kids probably shouldn’t be watching. Films like Terminator and Robocop were getting Happy Meal tie-ins, action figures, trading cards and cartoon spin-offs. At one point, Alien was even considered for adaptation into a Saturday morning animated show!


Operation: Aliens was a proposed animated series based on Aliens that was originally pitched by 20th Century Fox as a way to market Alien 3 as a Saturday morning cartoon show, but never aired. Rumors have circulated about a pilot – which may or may not exist, but officially all that remains is a few screen shots and photographs of prototype merch.


Since so little is known about the series, artist inkjava created a series of illustrations imagining the series and what might have been. They’re pretty awesome, with a definite 90s vibe.