Artist Folklore Releases New Dark Poetry Book Exploring Mental Health

Folklore, also known as Stephen Harper has released a dark poetry book exploring the subject of mental health. Stephen has been part of the Popcorn Horror team for a few years, as well as contributing to other horror publication and creating horror-influenced artworks. You might remember his series of horror cartoons which he created to raise funds for a mental health charity a couple of years ago.

Over on his website, Stephen revealed this week the release of Autumn: The Melancholy & Mental Health. Like his previous art projects, the book of poetry is being released to raise funds for mental health charities.

The book features beautiful words and illustrations by Stephen, taking the form of nineteen dark themed poems.  Based on the author’s personal experience of dealing with mental illness, this autobiographical book is a chronological snippet of the constant battle and discrimination he has faced.

With a definite folk-horror influence in the gorgeous cover illustration, the book is not only raising funds for a good cause – but presenting an important topic through horror imagery.

You can find out more about the book on Stephen’s website.