Artist Creates Disturbing Sculptures of Demon Babies

The “Grave Watchers’ Childhood” is a series of beast-like infant sculptures by artist Ronit BarangaThe artist aims to create pieces which exist between living and still life – and has exhibited her strange creations all over the world.

Children are pretty terrifying as it is, but in this series of sculptures they are imagined as demons inspired by two ancient sculptures of “Tomb Guardians” from the Tang Dynasty (618-906 A.D.).

Baranga explained; “As I tried to imagine the process of how they become what they currently are: stiff figures, deterrent with a fearful role, I sculpted them in their early childhood, as babies. A time where the innocence, sweetness and playfulness were possible.”

This process raises several questions: is their role as adults an unavoidable faith or an outcome of the reality in which they grew up in? Is their role a threat? A necessity? Or maybe a wishful heart desire? In the “Grave Watchers Childhood” series of works there is a threating and intimidating aspect together with sweetness and vulnerability.”