Artist Creates Animated Cinemagraphs of Horror Themed Cocktails

Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina and her friend Olya have taken the trend of creating animated GIFs to the next level. In her photographic series Kitchen Ghosts, the artist constructs animated images in which she painstakingly photographs Olya preparing various recipes in her home kitchen.

Of the process, Khoroshavina says that she shoots everything on a tripod-mounted Canon 6D, thenanimates her work using in AfterEffects and Photoshop to produce the beautiful cinemagraphs – incredibly high-quality GIFs that isolate just one piece of movement. “We have just started the project and got overwhelmed with ideas,” Daria told Creative Bloq. “We want to keep shooting our home meals for a blog, maybe illustrate a culinary book, shoot an ad for a restaurant or a bar or a culinary school.”

While we like a munch as much as the next person, it was her recent horror themed Kitchen Ghosts series that caught our attention – these gorgeous, atmospheric images of horror themed cocktails. Check out the animations below, and more of Daria’s work at her official website. Our personal favourite is the awesome shot of the smoking cocktail inside a pumpkin!







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