Artist Behind Mental Health Horror Art Created A New Series Based On Phobias

If you like horror artwork, you’ll probably remember artist Shawn Cross and his series of eerie illustrations depicting a range of mental health conditions.

In his latest collection of drawings, Cross captures some of the most common phobias in spooky detail. Clowns, needles, and spiders all make an appearance in the unsettling pieces; along with some less common and well understood phobias.

Check out more of Shawn’s artwork on his official website.

Claustrophobia – The Fear Of Being Enclosed In A Small Space Or Room And Unable To Escape

Philophobia – The Fear Of Falling In Love

Athazagoraphobia  – The Fear Of Being Forgotten Or Ignored And Fear Of Forgetting

Trypanophobia – The Fear Of Needles

Scopophobia – The Fear Of Being Watched Or Stared At

Cherophobia – The Fear Of Happiness

Automatophobia – The Fear Of Things That False Represent A Sentient Being, Including Ventriloquist Dummies, Animatronic Creatures, Mannequins, And Wax Statues

Arachnophobia – The Fear Of Spiders

Tocophobia – The Fear Of Giving Birth

Nyctophobia – The Fear Of The Dark

Chronophobia – The Fear Of Time

Necrophobia – The Fear Of Corpses, Death Or Dead Things

Trypophobia – The Fear Or Disgust Of Closely-Packed Holes

Agoraphobia – The Fear Of Open Spaces And Crowds

Taphophobia – The Fear Of Being Buried Alive

Coulrophobia – The Fear Of Clowns

Thalassophobia – The Fear Of The Sea Or Of Sea Travel

Pediophobia – The Fear Of Dolls

Pyrophobia – The Fear Of Fire

Somniphobia – The Fear Of Sleep

Ecclesiophobia – The Fear Of Churches

Kenophobia – A Fear Of Open Or Empty Spaces, Voids

Eisoptrophobia – The Fear Of Mirrors And Reflections