Oliver Marinkoski Creates Art Designed To Make Your Skin Crawl

Oliver Marinkoski is a Macedonian sculptor, who a few years ago started creating unsettling digital manipulations designed to get under your skin. The surreal images have something of a body-horror feel, with human features often being distorted with inanimate objects. The artist seems to have a fondness for skin – which is the prominent feature of many of his pieces.

Some of Marinkoski’s works are darkly humorous, but at least one is guaranteed to make your skin crawl!

“The foundation of my visual inspiration comes from the movie “Altered states”,  when the main protagonist starts to physically change into nothingness.  I saw that movie as I small kid, and the forms and the changes of the actor were terrifying to me. Later when I watched the movie as a grownup I got a better understanding of it, and the idea of nothingness was equally terrifying . Later, in high school I discovered H.R.Giger, and his art was very inspirational for me.” the artist explained in an interview with Revoshot.

Find more of the artist’s work on Instagram and on his blog.