Art by Dan Barrett


Dan Barrett is a wildlife biologist from the small dusty town of La Grande, Oregon, USA. His primary focus at university was the life sciences, but art and illustration have always been an obsessive pastime. Dan graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand with Masters in Wildlife Management.

Dan’s scientific background heavily influences his illustrations. A keen attention to detail (some say he had his eyes surgically replaced with those of an eagle) has been employed in his delicate and unique paper craft. He is also ceaselessly curious, always experimenting with new subjects and styles.

Like so many children of the 80’s, Dan was captivated by the creations of Jim Henson. Their sarcastic jokes, wild designs, and exaggerated facial expressions have been a lifelong source of inspiration. To complete the package, Dan is also a first-rate geek. He has a huge collection of original Star Wars action figures, a stash of dog eared comic books, and DVD hoard worthy of the Library of Congress.

Here are some of our favourite pieces by Dan.

Check out more of his work at his official website and Facebook.

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