The Art Behind Horror Illustration Explained

The best horror movies will always thrill, scare and even haunt many people who watch them. They look so real and can make you believe that they are true. However, there is one thing that makes people enjoy them; how real they look and sound draws in viewers. Much of the credit goes to the illustrators. Seasoned directors only work with experts who have done an illustration for large brand in the past. In order for any person to understand this artwork, we will explain the art below. Keep reading.

Sketching Horror Is a Passion

Most artists who make the best horror and Gothic artwork do not just wake up and start doing it. Some of them have a long history of sketching werewolves, Dracula and many others. It is a passion that comes from within. Richard Bender, a renowned horror artist, started making sketches at a young age. All the focus for his work was on imaginary monsters, devils and beasts full of blood. Today, this artist can boast to have worked with Marvel Comics and other big brands that appreciate his illustrations.

By Alexander Lyan

Sketching Horror Is All About Imagination

When horror is mentioned, all we think about is the devil, monsters and killers. What we do not realize is that illustrators are required to use a vivid imagination to come up with these subjects yet retain a high level of uniqueness in their art. No company will produce a horror movie that resembles another in illustrations.

All illustrators have to draw numerous works of art revolving around the same concept so that the movie directors can choose the best. Without imagination, this cannot be achieved at all.

Illustrating in Red and Black Is Unavoidable

Most horror movies revolve around blood. At least 80 percent of them fall into this category. Horror and Gothic illustrators may not escape using this element most of the time. For instance, the cover art of most of these movies will have some bloody mess. The same is true of the introduction art and other art involved.

Likewise, black is another color that dominates horror illustrations. Whether it is a witch in a black hat, a monster riding a black horse, or a ghost appearing at night, all will have some hint of black. Black depicts evil and darkness, which are important themes in these movies.

By Nikita Veprikov

Both Pencils and Paint Brushes Are Used

Any serious illustrator will agree that horror and Gothic illustrations are all about sketching and painting. Make sure that you can do both. Sometimes, the production company will want the artist to keep the sketch simple and have a small touch of red to depict blood. Other times, they will want it all messy with blood especially when there is a lot of killing. All these revolve around working with a simple artist’s pencil or being detailed when using brushes. Creating shadows also matters a lot for such illustrators.

Horror and Gothic art is not a project for just any illustrator. In addition to prowess in sketching, they also need the patience to revise until the client gets what they want. However, this unique art is now becoming common as more movies in the genre are being made.