Army of the Dead: New Zombie movie from Zack Snyder

Popular Justice League director, Zack Snyder, returns to the zombie genre, presenting fans with a new movie called Army of the Dead. Originally planned as the sequel to his 2004 zombie classic remake, the new film will debut on Netflix this year come winter.

Parked more than ten years inside the Warner Bros. vaults, the script fell into the hands of Netflix after successfully negotiating rights to the film. Now, the movie is finally resuscitated from the dead, ready to deliver gory, blood-pumping action, and scares. After years of focusing on superhero franchises, the director is happy to go back to his roots, working without any restrictions under Netflix’s supervision. 

Army of the Dead Movie Plot

Set against a post-apocalyptic, quarantined Las Vegas, the movie begins six years after the height of a zombie outbreak. With the virus contained within the city, the story revolves around a man who puts together a group of zombie killers to take on one of the most challenging heists in casino history. A casino owner, played by Batista, hires mercenaries in the hopes of recovering the money he left inside one of his casino vaults. Certainly a storyline perfect for showcasing Snyder’s expertise, the movie showcases a pretty hardcore cast lead by Batista who fits the role to a tee. In the latest interview, Zack Snyder said that he wanted to have a perfect atmosphere of casino in the movie. Because of that, Zack decided to learn more about casino venues and attend many events in Las Vegas or Canada. Movie’s plot revolves around casino and Zack wants to have a perfect gambling scenes. Director mentioned that movie will have scenes with slot machines or the blackjack games to make the atmosphere perceivable. The popular director noted that the team working on movies created a real-life casino building including tables of the blackjack game, slots machines, etc. Zack Snyder believes that with little things like people playing blackjack on the backside of the screen and someone standing in front of the slot machine could copycat the exact atmosphere. 

The previously re-written plot initially revolved around the protagonist’s (Batista) desperate journey of finding his daughter within the city’s containment facility. Now, it is poised to be an action-packed zombie heist movie set to be released this December.

Cast and Latest News

Currently comprised of a sizable and diverse cast, the upcoming movie will feature the likes of Westworld’s Hiroyuki Sanada, The Good Doctor’s Chirs D’Elia, and Power’s Omari Hardwick.

Dave Bautista, known for his Guardians of the Galaxy role as Drax, is cast as the zombie flick’s protagonist. Initially touted to play a desperate father trying to find his daughter amid a Zombie-infested Las Vegas, a re-written plot involving a zombie casino heist made the final cut. Ella Purnell also stars in the film, joined by Ana de la Reguara, Theo Rossi, and Indian actress Humesh Quereshi.

The movie is scheduled for winter of 2020

Filming of the zombie movie, which recently wrapped up last October, is now scheduled for Netflix release this winter. Although there are still no announcements of the movie’s exact release date, reports say the movie will come just in time for Halloween.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Zack expressed his excitement for the film – one that’s allowed him to revisit where everything started for him. Back after a break from directing, he says Army of the Dead is the perfect film to revive his passion for moviemaking. Apart from that, he is incredibly pumped and proud of his talented cast.

Zynder sees this film as a perfect opportunity to refocus his vision, cleanse his palate, and sink his teeth and hands into an epic, fun, and crazy project. He thinks he has come across a “purely joyful” means to express himself through a genre that he loves. He further teases that this upcoming film is something that’s allowed him to loosen up and lose himself in an utterly kick-ass way.