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Arezou is a twenty three year old artist who has graduated from Graphic Design at Art University of Tehran and is currently working freelance. She has loved art since she was a young child, but had to study maths in high school. When she became older, she realised she wanted to follow her dreams of a career in art and began improving her drawing skills and experimenting with different materials. She loves using a variety of mediums, but feels more able to express herself using inks. She explains “In this way I feel I can let out all the feelings the have been trapped inside of me on the paper better as an artist and developing my own style in my paintings”.


wings too heavy
Stories of other people, their experiences and emotions, as well as a range of music inspire Arezou. She also enjoys designing her own characters. Arezou entered our Universal Monster’s competition with a great Bride of Frankenstein pieces, but unfortunately did not make the finalists. She was drawn to to the theme of re-designing the classic Universal Monsters, and even before the competition was announced had created two pieces depicting Frankenstein’s Monster as a monkey & as a rooster for Halloween.
frank monkey
frank rooster
In revisiting the classic monster movies for the competition, Arezou went with the first idea that came to her – re-creating the Bride of Frankenstein as a poodle dog. This was heavily inspired by the design of the original monster, particularly her hair, expressions and mannerisms. She studied various shots from the film, and looked at many images of poodles in creating her piece. She then came up with the character design and painted the piece in Photoshop.
the bride
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