Are Ghosts Real?

Are Ghosts Real? 

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, we have all lost someone we love and have talked to them on occasion. There is nothing wrong with talking to your grandma or spouse after they pass away, as long as you continue to interact with people in the real world as well. There have been many scientific studies and research done on the subject and some professionals say that sensing a presence such as a loved one who has passed away, is not unusual and it certainly does not make you mentally insane.

What the Experts Say

According to Psychology Today, people who are in an unusual or unfamiliar area alone are more susceptible to sensing a presence. When you are alone and have higher than normal levels of stress and anxiety, chances are pretty good that you may get the feeling that there is another person with you. Depending on your situation and beliefs, the presence may be just a vague shadow or may seem as real as you are. In addition, you may see them as a spirit, a god, or a loved one who has passed away. In fact, in a study done by Olaf Blanke and his associates, they mapped out regions in the brain that are responsible for giving people the illusion of seeing a ghost or presence. They were able to induce the visions or feelings of a presence in people by stimulating a certain part of their brain.

Easily Explained

Other experts in the mental health field have done studies on paranormal experiences and found that most of them are easily explainable. However, not all of them were able to be explained. While they found that people with epilepsy or those with damage to the right hemisphere of the brain often claim to have seen visions, ghosts, or objects moving on their own. According to the professionals, this is due to the fact that the right hemisphere in the brain is responsible for processing visions. However, they also found that other individuals claimed to have visual illusions as well even though they had no visible brain damage.

Maybe Your Brain is Trying to Shield You

Some psychologists believe that paranormal visions and beliefs may be a way to block out pain or traumatic incidents such as a job loss, death, or a natural disaster. The brain itself does this by looking for answers to explain away the truth that the individual is having trouble accepting. But, do not give up on the ghostly presence you have seen. You are not alone in your beliefs. In fact, according to a Harris Poll in 2013, close to half of all adults in the United States believe in ghosts. It is not just about ghosts, but a spirit of our loved ones that visits us in times of need, according to some. In the Bible, there have been many references to the supernatural and ghosts.

Scientific Evidence

Getting scientific evidence that ghosts are real may be hard to do, according to others, because there are so many contradictions and beliefs to consider such as whether a ghost is a material being or just a phantom and can they move through solid objects? Are they really spirits of our loved ones or just random spirits who just happen to be passing by? These questions are still being studied. However, if you feel like you need to talk to a professional to deal with the loss of a loved one, a therapist can be available to you without an appointment online right now with the click of the mouse. You do not even have to leave the house.


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