Andy Morris: The Monster Under My Bed


I hate bedtime because that’s when that’s when the monster wakes up. It’s not an imaginary monster, it’s real and it lives under my bed. I can’t tell anyone about the monster because who would believe me? Everyone would just say that monsters aren’t real and I need to grow up but they don’t understand: Whenever I’m going to bed I have to switch my bedroom light off and then quickly jump into my bed and hide under the covers so the monster won’t get me. Every night I listen to it muttering to itself as it shuffles around on its short stubby legs. It likes to climb up the covers at the end of my bed like a rope ladder and stumbles over my duvet looking for me. I don’t think it is a very clever monster because it doesn’t usually find me when I’m hidden under my bedding. I stay very still and quiet and hope it will go away without causing too much mischief in my room.

It keeps on knocking stuff over, it changes the time on my alarm clock and it pulls all the book marks out of my books. It also likes to rummage through my draws and wardrobe, discarding all my things in piles all over my room. The monster always ends up breaking something and leaving my room in a real mess. That means I have to tidy it up in the morning, which makes me late for school.

Sometimes the monster likes to play tricks on me and it tries to hide. I always know where it’s hiding because it always hides in the same place. I have learned that if the monster is quiet and I can’t see its beady red eyes glowing in the dark; then it’s hiding under my bed waiting to get me. The minute I put my foot down on the floor, the monster will reach out and grab my leg. Then it will try to pull me down under the bed with it. The monster has grabbed me three times now, its grey hands reaching out and snatching at my ankles but luckily I’ve managed to kick out of its grip and scrambled back onto my bed and under the covers again. The monster likes this game and it thinks it’s funny but I don’t! It makes this horrible noise like its choking on a sweet, but I think that’s the sound it makes when it’s laughing. At least when it’s playing this game it’s not messing up my room. But the trouble is I’m then trapped on my bed all night.

It’s like being stuck on a desert island surrounded by shark infested waters. I can’t swim away because the sharks will get me and I can’t get off my bed because the monster will get me. I have to wait until morning time when the monster goes away before I can escape from my island. But until then I worry all night that I’ll wake up needing a wee. I can’t get off the bed and I have to try and hold on until morning time but I can’t always do it and I sometimes have an accident. On those occasions I have to get up really early the next day before anyone else and put my bedding in the wash so no one finds out or I’ll be in big trouble.

It’s my fault that the monster came here in the first place. I had problem a few weeks ago when I was told off by Alex for something that wasn’t even my fault! I felt really cross because it didn’t seem fair that he was telling me off. Afterwards, I went off on my own and I said I wanted to get my own back on Alex. I think the monster must have heard me because that night it came into my room. I told it about my problem with Alex and it said it would help me if I gave it something to eat. Then it waddled out of my room and down the landing towards Alex’s bedroom. In the morning Alex woke to find the screen on his laptop had been smashed. No one knew how it happened except me. The monster came back the following night and every night since wanting to play with my things and scoff food.

The monster makes me sneak food out of the fridge for it every night before I go to bed. It is always hungry and it gets very angry if I don’t get enough food for it. The monster says that I am the only person who feeds it and I need to carry on feeding it every night. Alex has caught me taking food out of the fridge and he complained but I don’t really care about him. I sometimes wish he would just go away.

I want the monster to go away as well and I have told it to go but it won’t. It keeps on coming back every night. I have a plan though; I thought that if I stop feeding the monster, it might go somewhere else and find another bed in another house to live under. I haven’t fed the monster for a few days now and it’s getting really angry. It has ripped a lot of my clothes in the wardrobe and it keeps biting me in the middle of the night. Every morning I wake up to find teeth marks on my arms and legs but luckily no one else has seen them yet.

We used to have a cat in the house but she’s gone missing. Alex thinks that she probably ran away but I’m pretty sure the monster got her. I asked it and It said it hadn’t seen the cat for ages but I think it was lying because it was looking very pleased with itself the night the cat disappeared.

Last night the monster said if I didn’t give it any food tonight, it wouldn’t just bite me; it would eat me up! I know it would do it as well and I felt scared. But if my plan works everything will be OK by this time tomorrow. Alex is in a band and his band mates are having a sleep-over tonight. I said they can use my room so his friends are staying in his room and Alex is sleeping in my bedroom. So, when the monster comes out from under my bed it will find Alex. Hopefully, because the monster isn’t very clever it will think Alex is me and will eat him up instead and my problem will be over.  I’ve said I’m sleeping at a friend’s house tonight but I’m actually staying in a hotel. I probably won’t sleep very well and I’ll be tired for school in the morning but after six years of trying to teach Chemistry to a bunch of unruly fifteen-year-old hooligans I don’t think anyone would actually notice.