4 Android Horror Games You Should Be Playing

For fans of horror gaming, the ever-expanding mobile games marketplaces might not be the option considered first for heart pounding scares. However, mobile gaming has evolved massively in the past five years. From spooky, horror themed slot games available to play at sites like pinkcasino.co.uk to legitimately creepy video game offerings from talented developers now available for most mobile platforms, the choice of mobile gaming options available for fans of horror has never been better. Here we’re going to take a look at four video games available on Android that horror fans can sink their teeth into right now.

Lovecraft Quest 

Of course, we had to start off the list with this loving tribute to one of the most influential figures in horror history. The iconic H.P Lovecraft and his otherworldly tales have influenced almost all aspects of modern horror, inspiring many comic books, films, artworks and more. Best known for his brand of ‘cosmic horror’, Lovecraft created a mythos which included monsters, underworld, and everyone’s favourite tentacled beast; Cthulhu. 

The comic book presentation of Lovecraft Quest is gorgeous, and lends itself well to telling a visual story in a point-and-click quest style gameplay. The goal of this game is to find and shoot Wumpus, a large and dangerous monster living in the labyrinth. The labyrinth consists of 20 numbered rooms, each of them is connected to three others. The puzzles are fiendishly difficult, but some more action based mini-games help to balance out the challenge. 


A praised finalist in the Google Play Indie Games Festival, Parallyzed is an adventure platformer game set in a beautifully illustrated dark underworld. The premise of the game is that two sisters – ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ who are deeply-connected twin sisters with very different traits and abilities.When Red pushes Blue off a swing, paralyzing her, she is devastated by the guilt and looks for a way to help her sister. She discovers her ability to enter the mind of her sister, and now must use both of their skills to journey across a spooky landscape of obstacles. 

Gamers must use logic as well as mastering the platform aspects of Parallyzed. Fans of Tim Burton’s style of creepy-but-cute imagery will love getting lost in these eye catching levels. 

Rusty Lake Series

Fans of folk horror movies such as The Wicker Man and current hit Midsommar will appreciate the style of the Rusty Lake series of games. Unsettling animal headed creatures host the mysterious point and click games developed by the creators of the Cube Escape series. 

The first Rusty Lake release is set in a hotel, with five guests – each of whom expect a meal worth dying for. In Rusty Lake Paradise, Jakob, the oldest son of the Eilander family, returns to Paradise island when his mother passes away. Since her mysterious death, the island seems to be cursed by ten plagues. Players must perform ancient family rituals to stop the spread of the plagues. And in Rusty Lake: Roots, James Vanderboom’s uncovers dark secrets about his family’s past after planting a mysterious tree. The games are absurdist, bizarre and unsettling – fans of Twin Peaks will approve!

Reveal The Deep 

Does the idea of the never-ending blackness of the deep ocean fill you with dread? That’s what the creators of Reveal The Deep are counting on in this atmospheric exploration game set in the wreck of a 19th century steamship. The gloomy, foreboding atmosphere is the star of this one, with only a light inside the player characters diving helmet to illuminate the creaking, vast ship. Decay seems to be all around, and the developers recommend playing with headphones to be fully immersed in the scary underwater world. 

Exploration is rewarded with an extensive backstory of the ship revealed through clues. Reviewer Chris Donlan praised Reveal the Deep’s sound too, summarising that it offered “just the right kinds of creaking, groaning sound effects can take you somewhere odd and frightening. Reveal the Deep is genuinely frightening…” In addition, the retro style pixel graphics will hold appeal for horror fans seeking something more nostalgic from their mobile frights! 

There has never been a better time to jump into horror gaming for the first time, or to return to the genre as an old-school fan. As gaming on mobile platforms advances at a staggering rate, we look forward to seeing what other horrifying experiences will be making their way to smartphones in the coming years.