The Walking Dead Guns and Ammunition

Here’s a pretty awesome, and informative marketing idea from ammunition suppliers 9MMAmmo. Using their expertise in firearms, the company created this infographic looking at the efficiency of the weapons used in The Walking Dead. 9MM explains:

“Four seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead has brought fifty episodes of death, carnage, and living dead mayhem. This infographic shows the firearms of the famed, highlighting specifically several of the more appreciated protagonists and their weapons of choice; included are statistics detailing the key characters and kill count with their preferred weapon and otherwise.

Some characters are more deadly than others, but whether the killer is using a samurai sword or a Glock 17 with 9mm ammo, zombie heads roll left and right. Each character’s brief goes into the fine points of what kind of damage their guns, knives, and crossbows can deliver on the undead and the unfortunate living. The weapons all have their pros and cons when it comes to taking the wandering walkers down once and for all.”

walking dead ammunition infographic