You Can own a Doll’s House Version of Amityville or Mockingbird Lane


Sometimes the setting is the star of a film – as is the case of Amityville. Or sometimes it’s so synonymous with the franchise that it’s a character in it’s own right – like Mockingbird Lane – home of The Munsters. I really wasn’t the kind of little girl that played with doll houses, but I might have if these options were available. Emmy N Hiro designs custom doll’s houses, often with a haunted or horror theme – like this rendition of the infamous Amityville House.


The house is lighted on all 3 floors. The attic has a separate switch so it can be lit up by itself which lights up the top windows on each side giving the house an eerie look at night.

Emmy altered the door to make it look like it has imperfection glass panels and also added clear plastic sheets to each window to give it a clear glass effect. She lined the roof with premium Bar Mills laser cut shingles that gives it a more realistic look.


Emmy also managed to impressively re-create the residence of the Munsters in doll house format. This one features impressive landscaping;  weathered fencing and an elaborate weathered gate surrounds part of the property and patio.


It has a curved driveway lined with realistic-looking textured cardboard cement. The grounds are lined with grass tufts and landscaped with shrubs and trees.


Theses awesome dolls houses can be ordered from the creator’s Etsy Store, where she has a few more ghostly doll housing options.