American Were-Pup in London – Life Size Sculpture from Tom Spina Designs


We love the works of Tom Spina Designs prop and monster makers. We featured their fantastic Kong themed home cinema a while back, but their newest creation comes close to beating it’s awesomeness. The designers have created a life sized were-puppy, based on the werewolf of An American Werewolf in London.


The puppy comes complete with a London style cinema chair, paying homage to probably the most famous – and most hilarious – scene from the horror classic. It’s definitely cute, with a dash of creepy thrown in!


The silicone wolf head sculpture is hyper-real, with hand punched hair, custom translucent resin teeth and custom eyes with amazing depth. The body of the life size werewolf prop is a hand carved EPS foam piece, with silicone paws and resin claws to match the teeth.


The sculpture was commissioned by a private collector, Fernando, who said ““I cannot stress how amazing this looks… It’s basically a tangible version of the vision I first had when watching this beloved classic. “


This realistic silicone sculpture involved the creative efforts of many talented people, including: Steven Richter, Tom Spina, Michelle Nyree, Patrick Louie, and Melissa Dooley. Find out more at the studio’s website, and check out the video below to see the process of constructing this amazing piece.

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