Amazing Horror and Fantasy Fruit Carvings

fruit carving

For around four years, Valeriano Fatica, a self-described “painter, sculptor, performer, and carver of fruits and vegetables,” has been creating intricate fruit sculptures. He channels his love for art and sculpting into the sculptures he creates for his family’s restaurant in Oratino, Italy, which his family then utilise for parties.

fruit carving

In an interview with Buzzfeed, the artist explained “Since I was a child I liked art, but working in my family’s restaurant I didn’t have time to spend with sculptures or paintings. So I decided to use fruit to express myself,” 



Although he is not really a horror and sci-fi fan, the genres infiltrate his work. Many fantasy creatures and horror characters pop up in his amazingly detailed sculptures. Although watermelons are Fatica’s favourite material to work with, he also uses pumpkins, pineapples and potatoes.



For more information on Valeriano Fatica’s work, check out his official website.

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