Amazing Design – TOHO Movie Monster Deck of Cards

Digital artist Hiroki Kawanami was tasked with designing a set of cards with a coherent theme for his digital illustration class.  He explains:

“I wanted to make a cards related to movie. At the preliminary sketch stage, I came up with three choices, Horror movies, Mad Max, and then Toho monster movies. When I had to draw refine sketches, I decided to do Toho movie monsters because it is related to my background culture.

The process can be separated into two parts, rendering and crafting. The first thing I did was to illustrate all the 54 different designs and a box based on my sketches. Mainly I used Adobe Illustrator. After putting all the design into one template, I printed out on cardstock papers. Even though designing part took me a lot of time, crafting was a harder work with. Cutting off all the cards using a xacto knife and a ruler was not an easy job with my clumsy hands.

Designing a card was a new experience. It was my first time paying attention to a poker card’s detail. There is a certain designing rule in every poker cards, and I observed them really carefully to apply them into my cards. It was a hard assignment, but overall I enjoyed it.”