Zombies have feelings too: We review short horror-comedy ALREADY DEAD


ALREADY DEAD is a short documentary about recovering zombies. Fifteen years after a zombie outbreak (ZE Day) Zombies live among us, working 9-5 jobs, holidaying in Barbados and living “life” to the fullest.

A documentary crew have been given exclusive access to a group of Zombie’s day-to-day “lives”. But have we truly come to accept Zombies or are we still living in 2001?

This fresh and promising take on the popular zombie subgenre is the latest from director Michael James Dean and tackles the prejudices faced by the recently deceased. In it we meet George, who’s been living as a zombie for fifteen years. He wants to assure the audience that “We’re not that different. Our hearts don’t beat and our flesh is rotting but we still enjoy the same things.”

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Actor, Darren Ruston gives a fantastic, dead-pan performance and really hits home the message that it’s just a disease that these people can’t control.

Witty and charming, ALREADY DEAD is a bite-size insight into many of the prejudicial problems facing society today including how we treat immigration, mental health and addiction. Dean explains in interview how his commentary on current affairs and his own experience with alcoholism influenced him during the script-writing process:

I think it’s our responsibility as filmmakers to push these subjects to the forefront of conversation and to get people engaging with subjects they may otherwise ignore.

The film’s style is reminiscent of both candid Louis Theroux documentaries and the hilarious Spinal Tap style of absurdity.

You can watch the trailer below and find out more about the film on their official website