Fan Project Creates Ultimate Edit of Alien and Prometheus


Prometheus was a bit of a divider in the horror community. While many considered some elements of the movie to be important in terms of the Alien cannon, the extension of the cinematic universe for most never lived up to the legacies of it’s predecessors. Alien fan Job Willins has finally solved this problem with an ambitions fan project in which he aimed to create the ultimate cut of the two films.

The creator explains ” ‘Prometheus’ wasn’t exactly an Alien prequel, but this treats it as such by intercutting the events of Alien with Prometheus in a dual narrative structure. The goal was to assemble the material to emphasize the strengths of Prometheus as well as its ties to Alien.” His project aimed to highlight the parts of Prometheus more relevant to the Alien story, creating parallel narratives, set 30 years apart. The result is one two-and-a-half-hour long film with dual narratives that switches back and forth between the crew of Prometheus and the crew of Alien’s ship, the Nostromo.

Interestingly, Willins chose to have the entire film in black and white. He explains that this was to ” to better marry the visual quality of the two originals (and also because both films look great in black & white) Roughly 30 minutes has been cut from Prometheus and about an hour of Alien has been used in its place. Some content from the deleted scenes of Prometheus was also used.”. We agree, it certainly adds to the atmophere!

Check out the film below.

Derelict from Job Willins on Vimeo.

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