This Incredible Poster Map Identifies over 500 Aliens from Pop Culture


You may remember artist Jason Thompson’s map which showcased the various types and varieties of zombies in film history. Jason is currently crowdfunding for his latest poster design, a beautiful map illustrating the history of movie, book, cartoon and gaming alien invaders.

Over 500 alien characters from pop culture are included in the image, divided into various subcategories including ‘All Consuming Blobs’, ‘Shapeshifters’ and ‘Benevolant Overlords’. Thompson describes on the Kickstarter page the difficulty in researching and organising such a vast topic.

“Researching alien invasions carries a different set of challenges from researching, say, zombie apocalypses. The most obvious is that alien invasions are massively more complicated than zombies. Even the definitions of “alien” and “invasion” are hard to agree on. Is it an “invasion” if it’s a war between humans and aliens in outer space? Is it an “invasion” if the aliens show up on Earth, freak people out just by being there, but don’t really do anything? Is it an “invasion” if it’s not a full-on global assault, but just a few inept aliens with a plan that doesn’t threaten more than a few 1950s teenagers? (Answer: yes.) Is it an alien invasion if the aliens are actually from Earth and have just been hiding under the ocean or underground or somewhere? (Answer: not really, but the Silurians from Doctor Who and the newts from War Against the Newts were too good not to include anyway.)”

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There’s just 4 days left to support the campaign, with the rewards being focused on getting a finished copy – and other pieces of Thompson’s work. We would highly recommend checking out the full size image to appreciate the scale and detail of this project.

We actually interviewed Jason back in 2013 about his zombie map, which you can check out here.