The Advantage of Horror over other Movie Genres and the Positive Impact of Horror Films on a Person

There are various genres of movies, but nothing would spook you out like horror films.  Thus, here are a few questions to start with:

  • Are scary movies good for you?
  • Is watching a horror movie the reason why you always have nightmares?
  • Do you always start to imagine that a grotesque creature is marauding toward your bedroom window as soon as you go to bed?

Well, not everyone likes watching scary films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but for some, they are an escape from anxiety. For those who cannot stand a movie scene where a character is brutally gorging out the captive’s eyes, this article is for you. Watching horror films, according to studies, can be a walk to freedom away from your worst fears.

Food for thought

A question that is even more pressing is this: If indeed some people fear scary movies, why would they still take a go at skydiving thousands of miles above sea level? Does it mean their adrenaline rush can stand real fear but no imaginary one? Also, think about those who cannot wait for summer to experience another round of ‘fright and flight’ swimming with white sharks in the Cape of Good Hope. You may want to find out the truth by doing your own research or asked some professional writing services to write my dissertation for me UK to understand all clearly. But when it comes to understanding the benefits of movies such as The Exorcist, you need someone, preferably from UK, who can write an exceptional dissertation paper on the advantages of watching horror films. If you do not want to work on particular parts of the investigation, find someone you can pay for to craft a masterpiece research proposal or any chapter in your paper. For example, you can make empirical research on your own and hire an expert to compose another chapter of an investigation.

Surprising benefits of watching scary films backed by science

Now that you wonder what do scientists state about the advantages of watching movies that will most certainly make your stomach turn and head reel and how do horror movies affect the brain? Well, take a look at the following reasons:

· Watching scary movies help burn calories

Several studies have unearthed a startling finding many have not anticipated. It has been revealed that watching a 90-minute scary movie helps burn calories equivalent to what you get from the whole chocolate bar. Even more surprising is that you will not need to go for thirty-minute walks every morning because, ‘the Shinning,’ arguably one of the spookiest productions ever, will have burned out 184 calories. That is not all.

· Helps you cope with fear/anxiety

From scaring background music to a very unsettling introduction, you will be fear-gripped watching ‘Drag me to Hell,’ a supernatural horror film that premiered in 1990. But, did you know getting scared to the bone marrow as you adjust your sitting position with the eyes snooping between your fingers is surprisingly beneficial?  Well, by a mere fact that parts of your brain know it is not real, in as much as watching horror movies may be an immersive experience, it is easy to deal with the anxiety and manage fear that comes with it.

· A boost to body immunity against attack

Leukocytes or as we know them, white blood cells, are the fighters in the human body that protect it against diseases invasion. Now, there is a surprising link between an increase in the number of leukocytes and watching horror films.  When you feel scared, the body responds in a defensive manner, similar to ‘fright and flight’ when you are anxious. The end is usually a healthier and better feeling.

· Improves brain activity

Come to think about it. You are calmly seated for a movie time, and everything starts as a good love story, then boom! Someone gets lost in the woods, mysteriously! You rewind the scene but it is somehow a little apprehensive fearing being spooked again. When this happens, you become more alert, and according to studies, it is because there is an increase in the brain’s neurotransmitters. It, therefore, means that watching such movies directly contributes to enhanced brain functioning.

Final Words

Whether you are a highly sensitive person, someone who would react intensely to horror movies or not, the extent to which people watch horror films depends on the wiring of their systems. For starters, less scary productions such as vampire diaries would be a safe bet as you begin to cope with a new experience in entertainment. Moreover, as the New Year rolls on, it is that time you start sampling some of the scariest movies in the preparation for Halloween. You may want to hire someone to help you with drafting a list, and that’s okay.