Adult Wednesday Addams

wednesday addams

Writer, actor, and producer Melissa Hunter was told throughout her childhood how much she resembled the pale faced star of The Addams Family franchise; Wednesday. When she dressed as the character for Halloween a few years ago, she was shocked by the enthusiastic reaction of her friends. Inspired, Hunter created a web series imagining Wednesday Addams as an adult. “I was struck by what a hero she is,” Hunter remembers “She has a strong, distinct philosophical outlook. It’s incredibly dark but also oddly uplifting. … She makes the things we’re all scared of — assault, death, love — a little less scary by confronting them head-on.”

The series has quickly received worldwide attention, allowing for a successful crowd funding campaign to fund more episodes. It has received praise, not only from the horror community but from a wider audience for it’s ability to tackle themes such as harassment and misogyny.


Melissa Hunter revealed more about the inspiration for the series stemming from childhood bullying. “I spent a lot of my childhood with people telling me I looked like Christina Ricci,” Hunter said “In middle school, a boy started calling me Wednesday Addams, and that stuck. He didn’t mean it in a good way either. It just make me feel different. Which is good, because that’s the way Wednesday feels too.”


Hunter was assisted in creating the series by director Mike Bernstein, with them both studying the source material closely. “I think it’s important that if you’re going to try to bring on something great, you pay attention to tone and style,” Hunter said. “The atmosphere is very important. I think we both did our homework. I watched the movie multiple times. I looked at all the material. I spent time with the TV series and the comics, but this is an extension of the movie character.”

We recommend you head over to the YouTube channel to watch the entire series, but you can check out Wednesday reacting to cat-callers in the video below.