This Mother Makes Adorable Horror Food Art


Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother who creates whimsical, colourful, imaginative and healthy meals for her two young daughters and followers. Of course, our favourite from her work is her horror collection – which features Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Addams Family.


She started creating food art to help her eldest daughter eat independently back in 2008 and started posting on Instagram in 2011. Now Samantha has a growing following of more than half a million on Instagram thanks to her creative and unique way of approaching mealtimes.


Samantha’s approach is fuss free and imaginative, using simple tools to create her food artworks. She doesn’t believe in wasting food and is a strong believer of utilising fresh and healthy ingredients.



Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 13.40.19

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 13.43.20


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 13.41.55



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