Add A Miniature Graveyard to Gardens, Aquariums, Cakes


Did you ever watch The Addams Family and wish your garden had it’s own graveyard? Or maybe you have some zombie goldfish laying around that you need to house. Or need to decorate a cake for a friend who loves everything dark and spooky? Artist Jpants has created a miniature graveyard set that would be perfect for all of these purposes.


The do-it-yourself cemetery kit comes with 25 unique miniature tombstones, all hand-crafted and hand-cast from environmentally safe polymer resin. Each headstone is modeled after a classic, gothic, or American original and average about 2 inches in height.


Some of the headstones are highly glossy like marble, some are matte varnished to appear like stone, and some are painted or glazed to look like rough rocks. You can purchase the whole set here, or individual pieces on Etsy.