When we created Popcorn Horror we wanted to create a community which supports and promotes the people behind indie horror content. We want to create a central hub of horror fans and creators who actively support each other, discover great new content and engage with indie horror in new, innovative ways.

Starting life as a mobile app, Popcorn Horror developed a group of loyal horror fans who tuned in every Friday to check out new indie films.

Known as Short Fright Fridays, the first film to hit the app was Love Hurts, the work of Sharif Nasr. Love Hurts was selected for the Popcorn Horror app because it demonstrated the main purpose of the app – to deliver short frights on the go. More awesome films followed, and the app soon offered a wide range of bite sized horror.

The Popcorn Horror app continued to screen more awesome horror shorts, including the insanely gory Brutal Relax, fantastic stop motion Nursery Crimes, and showdown we’d all bee waiting for – Freddy vs. Jason vs. Pinhead vs. Leatherface in The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II. Deciding that the support and promotion offered to filmmakers could be extended to others in the horror community. popcornhorror.com was launched as a horror blog and news feed. Aiming to showcase the best indie horror content from filmmakers, artists, writers, reviewers, photographers and more – the blog has grown to one of the largest dedicated indie horror sites in the world. 

We’re a small team based mostly in Glasgow, Scotland determined to reverse the trend of mediocre horror reboots and celebrate the talents of the independent creators – as well as create an awesome destination for horror enthusiasts.

Meet the Team.

The super-cute illustrations of the Popcorn Horror team members were created for us by Paula Fardell Art. Check out more of her work on Facebook or at her website.


Popcorn Horror manager/team leader.


Top Ten’s/Countdown Articles.


Campfire Tales Manager.


Horror Movie Reviews.


Feature writer – History of Horror/Book vs. Movie


Review database manager, feature writer.


Local events and interviews.


Web and social artwork.


Sound engineer.