Abandoned Wonderland

There’s something inexplicably chilling about abandoned amusement parks. Perhaps it’s because there’s an innocence associated with theme parks, and seeing them overgrown, derelict and rusting unsettles us. Whatever the reason, one of the most fascinating abandoned locations is China’s answer to Disneyland – Wonderland. Located about 20 miles outside of Beijing, the attraction was planned as the largest park of it’s kind in Asia, covering around 120 acres. Construction on the project stopped in 1998, and although attempts were made to restart development, the park remained abandoned until it was finally torn down last year. The site, which featured a number of abandoned structures, including the frame work of a castle-like building and medieval-themed outer buildings, was being reclaimed by local farmers to grow their various crops while the site was abandoned.

wonderland castle

A farmer tends to his crops in a field that includes an abandoned castle

wonderland walkway

The Wonderland walkways covered with fresh snow

wonderland buildings

Overgrown pathways and derelict buildings


Huge metal structures were abandoned when building work ceased

wonderland castle

The Wonderland Castle

wonderland china

 An entrance to an abandoned structure


Writing warns potential explorers to “be responsible for your actions”


Vacant car park at the entrance to Wonderland


Cracked footpath leads to an abandoned building

Check out the video below to see the park in more detail.