This Abandoned Girl Scout Camp Looks Like A Scene From A Horror Movie


(Image by Doug Kerr)

This scenic park on Lake Ontario was once a summer camp for Girl Scouts, though it has lay abandoned for over twenty years. Camp Beechwood, named after the surrounding trees, opened in 1929 and was used in summer months by the Girl Scouts of America.


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Property tax increases, declining Scouts membership, and the hostile terrain of the camp eventually lead to it’s demise. What remains of it, looks like the set of an apocalyptic Friday the 13th movie.


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(Image by rchappo2002)

There are various cabins and buildings deteriorating, uprooted and fallen trees.  As you walk towards the lake you will find an old campfire ring and dining hall, marking the main gathering place for Girl Scouts years ago.




(Images by rchappo2002)

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