7 Tips For Starting A Halloween Decoration Business


If you love the Halloween season and the horror genre in general, and you want to help other people celebrate it, then you should really think of setting up a Halloween decoration business, it is a great way to let out your artistic ability, celebrate your favorite holiday, and make money doing it. Here are seven tips for starting a Halloween decoration business. 

  1. Narrow Down Your Target Market

If you are going to make Halloween themed decorations, you should remember that not everyone will be interested in your products. 

If you want your business to do well, it is important that you narrow down your target market. This will make it easier for you to choose what products to mass produce. It will also make it easier for you to market your wares.

  1. Get Investors Interested

If you are going to mass produce thousands of decorations, you should make sure that you have the budget. 

Remember that running any kind of business costs money. You should never use your own money to set up your business. You might end up using all your money before you could make a profit.

The best way to finance your business is through investors. Make it a priority to reach out to potential investors before you start your business.

  1. Choose Various Horror Genres To Base Your Designs

While your Halloween themed decorations are meant for the holiday, this does not mean that your designs should be cliche. Your designs should not be so generic that they will get overlooked.

If you want your decorations to be as mult-faceted as possible, you should look to various iconic horror movies for inspiration. Take elements from these movies and use them in your decorations.

  1. Set Up A Great Worksop 

When it comes to mass producing Halloween decorations, it is imperative that you have a great workshop. The workshop should be where you and your workers will mass produce the decorations. First things first, your workshop should have all the necessary tools to build your products. This includes welding and painting equipment. 

If you want to mass produce your product in record time, you should invest in molding technology. Companies such as rydtooling specialize in creating molds for various applications.

Aside from the equipment involved, it is also important that you invest in the right packaging for your decorations. Whether the decoration is a fake bat or decapitated head, you should have packaging that will not only hold the product, but market it as well. If you want top quality packaging options, you should try out the Logospack packing pouch. The pouches are made by the Logospack company, and they are capable of fulfilling all your packaging needs.

When you and your workers are creating your decorations, it is important that your workshop has good airflow. It should also be purified of any chemical or plastic fumes that might get in the air. Make it a priority to set up an air purifier or two. If you want good quality air purifiers, you should check out HisoAir. The company sells top quality HisoAir purifiers at the best prices possible.

  1. Market Your Business Effectively

Aside from creating good quality products it is also a good idea to market your business as effectively as possible. Remember that you could have the best products in the world, but if your marketing is subpar, you will have a hard time making an impact with your potential clients.

Make it a priority to set up a website for your company. The website should be both aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. The website should also fit the horror genre. Make it a priority to post pictures of your products on your website.  You should also write enticing blurbs about your products.

Aside from your website, you could also run a social media campaign for your business. You should set up a Facebook account for your business. Through your Facebook account, you could post advertisements and promos for all of your products.

You could also post these advertisements through various Facebook friend’s accounts. Aside from using Facebook, you could also set up an Instagram account for your company. Instagram is a great platform because you may also post images of your products. You could also use YouTube to post advertisements of your products. 

You could even post Halloween tutorials for potential customers. When it comes to using social media for your marketing, the key is consistency. The more consistent you are with your social media campaign, the more chances you will have of selling your products.

  1. Create Other Horror Themed Products

While Halloween is the highlight of the year for many horror genre lovers, this does not mean that you should limit your products to just Halloween. 

Remember that there are other times that people will buy horror themed decorations. They might have a horror themed party or they just want to decorate their home like a haunted house. If you want your business to thrive, it is important that you fit your products to various horror themed events. 

  1. Have Fun With Your Business

When you set up this type of business, you are technically living your dream. You are doing something you love, and earning a living as well. You should consider yourself fortunate, and give it your all. 

When you run your business, you should do your research, and put in the time. You should also not rush your business. Remember that it will take some time before you make any real money.  Be patient, and just have fun with the process.


If you are going to set up a Halloween decoration business, you should make sure that you know where to get started. With these tips, you’ll set up a Halloween themed decoration company in no time.