7 Thai Horror Movies You Need to See

Most people may think of beaches or a wild nightlife when they imagine Thailand, but Thai people are also some of the most brilliant horror movie producers in the entire world.

Whether you’re in the mood for a slow-burner or a gorefest, Thai movies have something that will terrify any horror movie lover.

Are you ready to experience terror at its finest? Keep reading to learn about 7 of the best Thai horror movies.

  1. Shutter

Out of all of the top Thailand horror movies, Shutter still remains as the most well-known film even though it was released almost two decades ago. After a tragic car crash, one couple discovers that all of the pictures they take have something eerie about them.

You’ll have to watch to discover what the girlfriend finds out about her boyfriend’s past as their lives become more entwined with the car crash victim.

  1. Pee Mak

Pee Mak is currently one of the best Thai horror movies in the industry. It instantly draws you into its doom-laden atmosphere so make sure to watch this movie on the best 4K TV for monitor to fully immerse yourself into the world of horror. If you’re someone who can’t endure sheer terror, you’ll be relieved to learn that this film also has doses of comedy and romance. Is a man coming home from the war just disturbed or is there truly something wrong with the family he’s returning to?

  1. Coming Soon

If you’re looking for a classic Thai scary movie, you can’t go wrong with Coming Soon. This movie will be especially scary to anyone who’s ever illegally downloaded a movie before. In this film, you’ll follow a man who pirates a haunted movie that makes victims part of the plot.

  1. The Screen At Kamchanod

Are you in the mood for some chilling Thai ghosts movies? The Screen At Kamchanod is one of the best because it’s based on true stories from Kamchanod Forest. People used to hold fun gatherings here until they realized strange paranormal things started happening.

  1. Phobia (4BIA)

Did you love reading scary story collections as a kid? If so, Phobia is the perfect flick for you. This movie is divided into 4 unique stories that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

  1. Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder is one of the scariest Thai movies simply because of how gory it is. In case you couldn’t guess from the title, Meat Grinder is all about a mentally ill woman who runs a business where she sells ground up humans to other people. You definitely don’t want to eat while you watch this movie.

  1. Ghost Game

If you love the concept of scary reality shows, you’ll get sucked into the plot of Ghost Game. This movie follows contestants who are sent to an abandoned military prison where many atrocities took place.

Once spirits start showing themselves, you’ll be trying to figure out who has the guts to make it out alive.

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You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These Thai Horror Movies

Now that you know about 7 of the best Thai horror movies, you can create the ultimate scary foreign film list.

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