7 Terrifying Restaurants to Scare Your Lover this Valentine’s Day

The romantic meal is a Valentine’s classic, and many of you probably have fancy dinner plans for this evening. But there’s some restaurants out there that forego the flowers and champagne for a more unique experience. Here’s 7 terrifying restaurants from around the world – although we wouldn’t mind checking a few of them out!

7. H.R. Giger Bars, Switzerland


There’s actually been a few bars themed around the iconic artistic style of H.R. Giger – the legendary biomechanical art seen in the Alien franchise. There are currently two Giger bars in Switzerland. Previous incarnations existed in NYC and Tokyo but have since shut down. The interior of the otherworldly environment is a cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscrosses the ceiling of an ancient castle. The ceiling structure has been cast in a light-weight fiberglass. The floor is covered In a radiating pattern with the familiar Giger  floor-plates cast in cement. The room is designed to seat approximately 70 guests.


6. Disaster Cafe, Spain

Normally, people are terrified of earthquakes, but at the Disaster Café, people actually pay to experience a simulated 7.8 quake while they enjoy a tasty meal. Inside it apparently looks just an alien-themed restaurant for kids. Until you take the elevator that brings you to “the depths of the Earth”. Once you’re in the cave-like restaurant, grab a seat and notice the staff wearing construction suits and helmets.


Situated in Lloret de Mar, Spain – the cafe promises an intense and unique dinner experience. Nobody tells you when it will happen, but as you eat, a heavy rumbling will pick up and your chair and table will start to shake. The dishes are extra heavy to prevent them from falling, but messy spills are common.

5. The Vampire Cafe, Japan


Located on the 7th floor of an ordinary building, The Vampire Cafe offers  French-inspired cuisine with a Gothic twist.  The colour scheme is, of course, blood red. The floor is patterned with blood cells. Deep red curtains hang from the ceiling, menus are shaped like coffins, and there’s a coffin in the middle of the restaurant, with candles and mirrors smeared with blood. According to the website, you have the choice of dining in one of four locations in “The Castle,” the “Altar” room, the “Victim” room, the “Coffin” room (pictured above), or the private “Black” room for up to 30 souls.


All of the menu items have vampiric names and the  morbid motifs extend to the food presentation; marinated octopus suckers and smoked salmon comes in a little burial casket; “raw” spring rolls filed with tuna are arranged in a cross on a bed of thinly-sliced tomatoes.

4. Hospital Themed Restaurant, Latvia

The trendy hospital-themed restaurant, named Hospitalis, sees chefs dressed as doctors and waitresses in nurse uniforms.


At the bar, staff dressed as surgeons serve cocktails and wine in scientific flasks, beakers, test tubes, vials and IV drips. The authentic decor features white walls and ceilings, a wipe-clean floor with shiny tiles, and walls decorated with polished surgical instruments and medical books. X-rays hang and video screens play medical clips from movies.All medical-related accessories have reportedly been supplied by real hospitals and Latvia’s Museum of the History of Medicine.


3. Death & Co, USA



Opened on New Year’s Eve 2006/07 in Manhattan’s East Village, Death & Co quickly became a cocktail institution. The decor is completely black, right down to the tablecloths and napkins and the space is very dimly lit by chandeliers.

2. The Jekyll and Hyde Club, USA

The Jekyll and Hyde Club  is a horror themed restaurant and baris based on the stories of Dr. Jekyll and his alter ego Mr. Hyde, decorated with a vast collection of oddities and plaques detailing the bizarre histories of these items. Their menu contains 62 distinct dishes, including Create-Your-Own-Monster Burgers, and many signature cocktails and drafts from around the world. There is continuous live entertainment complete with spooky special effects.


Characters include Mr. Aloysius Goole, the wacky chief mortician, Jervis, the hyperactive and high-pitched French butler, and the charmingly manic Gertrude K. Boom, club demolitions expert. These characters are the guest’s link to all of the details of the club’s history, and perform membership inductions table side. In addition to the live characters, there are a number of animatronic props, sounds, and special effects which contribute to the overall atmosphere of the club.  The animatronic creatures (either pre-recorded or voiced live by the same actors that walk about the restaurant) animate periodically to entertain the guests and wish happy birthdays.

1. Asylum Themed Restaurant, Japan

Alcatraz is a cross between The Shining,One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Rocky Horror Picture Show, and one of Tokyo’s oldest themed nightspots. There are handcuffs, chainsaws, syringes, menu items like “Dead Chicken”, and servers who wear doctor and nurse’s uniforms.



It gets creepier. . The menu includes cocktails served out of syringes and bloody mannequin heads, pitchers of beer served in bedpan urinals and a drink billed as “sperm juice” which is served with a banana carved to look like a penis. Many of the novelty dishes come with waitress interaction such as being fed from a bottle.

Enjoy your Valentines dinner plans!

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