7 Best American Horror Story Memes of All Time

Every season of “American Horror Story” spawns dozens, if not hundreds, of memes, but we have chosen these as the best “American Horror Story” memes ever.

Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” series boasts incredible concepts, wild visuals, and outrageous writing, making it custom-made for memes which extend the influence and resonance of its stories and characters.

From Emma Roberts’ over-the-top facial expressions to the terrifying look of some of its most memorable villains (Twisty, anyone?), here are seven American Horror Story memes which you can share. They will be sure to terrify and titillate!

  1. Jessica Lange: Tries to Sell Soul, Doesn’t Have One

Oscar-winning actress Jessica Lange in AHS has played a range of tragic, doomed, demented characters who seduce, murder, and sing in some of the show’s most memorable plot lines.

Her aging beauty combined with witty remarks delivered in the driest of intonations makes her a perfect meme inspiration. From her wicked Fiona in “Coven” to her Sister Jude in “Asylum,” Lange is the queen of witty repartee and indelible come-backs.

  1. Surprise, Bitch

Emma Roberts commands some pretty amazing memes in cyberspace, including a compilation of some of her most spectacular eye rolls as Madison Montgomery.

But she is most famous online for her unforgettable resurrection from the dead when she spooked Fiona in “Coven.” With gorgeous backlighting and a drop-dead red dress, she delivered the immortal line: “I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”

  1. Tate, the Ultimate BF 

Every AHS fan remembers the Tate-Violet love story as one of the most heartbreaking of the series. Evan Peters, who has appeared in every iteration of Ryan Murphy’s master pic, won hearts with his mournful portrayal of heartthrob Tate in the “Murder House.”

Despite all of his flaws, Tate still seems to be the perfect boyfriend…with one minor problem. As this meme points out, he’s dead.

So many people loved this classic line they put it on T-shirts. You too can create your own memes that might go viral with an easy-to-use memes generator.

  1. Don’t Be a Hater, Dear 

Flame-haired Myrtle, played by Frances Conroy has appeared in several installments of the AHS franchise. Her couture outfits are matched by her languid approach, epitomized by this memorable put down to Sarah Paulson’s Cordelia, who is freaking out as usual.

  1. Yeah, Well, They’re All Gonna Die 

Another line by the legendary Lange,  this dialogue could pretty well sum up every season of “American Horror Story.” But even death does not indicate an end to these compelling characters, who tend to come back again and again.

  1. Anything with Twisty 

AHS is filed with murderous characters, serial killers and sadists. But none come close to the terrifying face of Twisty the clown, made even more fear-inducing by his tragic backstory.

Make one of your own memes with the visage of Twisty to scare the wits out of your friends. His painted-on grin and makeup-smeared eyes strike terror in all who behold them.

  1. Sponge Bob 

Another strange group of memes celebrates the surprising symmetry of AHS with of all things Sponge Bob Square Pants. You will be surprised how so much of the dialogue fits well with the world of Bikini Bottom.

American Horror Story Memes: Out of This World 

American Horror Story memes celebrate the combustible mix of this show’s dark vision, over-the-top acting, and vivid writing. Impress your fellow fans with these or your own memes which imprint AHS lines and imagery in your memories forever.

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