6 Tips for Stopping Digital Piracy

Digital piracy is hurting the entertainment industry – from music, to movies to sports – they’re all impacted by piracy and in turn so is the average viewer. Here are some ways piracy can be stopped.

Ghost Pirate by Francis Tneh : ImaginaryPirates

Remove The Incentive

In order to effectively combat the issues associated with piracy, the incentive for doing so must first be removed. In doing so, consumers would no longer feel the need to find pirated content to satisfy their cravings. When products are launched, they can be done in such a way where both user experience and quality are met at a reasonable price.

On another interesting note, services such as the new video-on-demand subscription Disney+ is coming to users at a more than reasonable price of $6.99. Whether it’s good or bad, the competition is between Disney’s $6.99 and Netflix’s $12.99. With that said, prices are not the only thing that can be used as a means of differentiation.

The overall user experience is also extremely important and should not be compromised by any means. Viewers gravitate to interfaces that are not filled with whistles and bells like recommendations. Instead, they prefer to have no buffering issues and pristine picture quality. The sooner the industry realizes that if they offer a more realistic price, the sooner people will move away from piracy.

With that said, you’re not actually going to be able to stop the entire globe from indulging in pirated content. Read this interview with Yousef Al-Obaidly.to get a greater grasp of some of the big issues.

PR And Education

While there are already several attempts to do this, the common goal is to continue on by bringing to light that piracy is illegal. Within the industry, this is a given fact, however, to the average person, it isn’t a huge issue. When consumers better understand this, they will soon be able to make better judgments on their viewing choices.

Additionally, there is also the huge issue of password and log-in credential sharing. This has also become a norm on the crime scene. It has become so rampant and common that it is simply part of the normal behaviors expressed by individuals. Hence, extra efforts should be made to ensure that viewers know that piracy is both criminally and morally wrong.

Driving this issue down will be another success for the industry. There should also be campaigns that actively highlight the roles of pirated activities and even expose inappropriate sources of malware and content.

Barriers To Entry

If you make it harder for pirates to continue with activities, you should make it much easier for legal consumers to find the content that they are looking for. Content owners are making use of protected sources for their investments. However, Intellectual Property will only interact with those who can prove that their operations are completely legitimate and act seriously on these matters.

However, as times change, so do these practices. This makes it a bit more difficult for security to always be guaranteed. The leading security measures are now working with a more multi-disciplinary system. This means that both detection and enforcement along with prophylactic antipiracy measures are now being becoming more effective.

Technology And Operations

While you can’t exactly fight ghosts, you’re going to need to ensure that you know where pirated content is coming from. This simply means that content identification is extremely important. In some instances, pirates stream live quality content from credible legitimate video sources.

This usually involves intervention that takes place at the stages before transmission. Hence, monitoring video streams are becoming more important. It doesn’t even matter if its AI or automated because they serve the same purpose. However, these acts of crime are usually deployed by some form of a hybrid deployment solution.

From the moment breaches are detected, quick actions must be taken to combat the situation. The need for this has increased since several pirates have started live streaming several categories of live sports and turning it into an illegal source of revenue. However, the high prices of sports packages usually make it a pretty good target for this. As such, there are now higher levels of security agreements between social networks and search engines.

Legal And Enforcement

As of lately, there are also several new and advanced countermeasure solutions that providers can utilize. These simply remove all pirated content from their sources and they are working much better than the old fashion messages and emails. With anti-piracy services coming on stream, various operators can now easily find those who are viewing illegal streams.

This ensures that they have the option to convert them to paying customers. However, these actions can range anywhere from hard to soft with hard being the involvement of law enforcement services. The key to combating the issue is to simply work with a faster speed.

Administering proper prosecution results in a longer wait time after events have occurred. Content removal is one of the fastest solutions to stop pirates in their tracks and convert consumers to legal alternatives.


Competition is high for all the levels of any broadcast chain. However, they suffer a huge loss because of piracy. This often happens because there are less concentrated cooperation efforts. These actions are needed from the onset by all industries involved.

In essence, herd immunity is required in this instance to build a stronger cooperative effort. When more organizations and companies come together and actively get involved, their efforts in reaching a solution is much greater. However, from the moment any weakness exists within the chain at any point, there is always going to be some external source out there willing to do what it takes to exploit the weakness even further.