6 Horror Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend on the Spookiest Night of the Year

To many, All Saints’ Day, when of all the things spooky, is the most fun day of the year. There is just something about it that words cannot describe; there is something kinda contradictory about it, yet people wait the whole year for it, and when it comes, they throw awesome parties, spend a lot of money, and, of course, drink gallons of booze. Anyway, it is best to enjoy it with friends and loved ones because, well, obviously, how can you have fun on Halloween all by yourself? So today, we have compiled the list of six horror movies to watch with your girlfriend on the night of Halloween.

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  1. Gojira

30 years have passed since the first appearance of Godzilla. People have already begun to forget the terrible events. And then, from the depths of the ocean, the terrible monster appears again. The government of Japan is trying to hide this in order to avoid mass panic, but by chance, the monster is drowning the Soviet submarine, which almost unleashes the Third World War. And then the whole world finds out about Godzilla…

  1. Aliens

The rescue capsule with Ripley, the sole survivor of the fight with the Alien, is discovered in deep space. No one believes Ripley’s story about an alien creature that destroyed the whole team; she’s deprived of their rank and sent to work at the cargo port. But the powerful corporation Weiland Utania is forced to turn to her for help when the connection with the colony on the planet where the crew of Ripley discovered the Aliens is lost.

  1. Phantasm

Two brothers are witnessing strange mystical events at the local cemetery. Evil otherworldly forces live there, and, in order not to let the evil spill spread, the brothers must find and enter into a fatal battle with their leader. You have to enjoy these flicks together; visit this site to find a bride right now. These movies are truly wonderful, not only as pieces of horror film legacy but as overall classical movies, regardless of the genre.

  1. Angel Heart

New York, 1955. A private investigator Harry Angela employs Louis Cyphre to track down musician Johnny Favorite. He concluded a certain agreement with Cyphre in 1943, but after the war, he got into a psychiatric hospital and disappeared from there. Angel begins to search, but things quickly take a nasty turn. Everyone he asks about Favorite’s soon dies, and he himself realizes with horror that this mystery has a religious background and that it’s no accident that Mr. Louis Cyphre does not want to disclose details of the concluded contract…

  1. In the Mouth of Madness

A new book by Sutter Kane is about to be published, and it promises to be a bestseller. There is only one problem: everything that Kane describes becomes flesh and becomes a reality. And since Sutter writes not children’s tales but fantastic horrors, this is really a problem. Mysterious disappearances of people begin to occur. The investigation leads Detective Trent into a mysterious city on the coast, also created by the imagination of Sutter Kane.

  1. The Good Son

Twelve-year-old Marc is forced to temporarily live in a new family, as his mother recently died of cancer, and his father was forced to fly to work in Tokyo. There, he meets a peer named Henry – the eldest son. His family still cannot recover from the heavy loss – the death of the youngest son. But Henry is not exactly an ordinary boy. And the more Mark communicates with him, the more he understands that something is wrong with him…


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