6 Horror Movies Involving Gambling

Casinos have featured in many movies over the past few decades. Joining casinos or gambling with horror might seem unconventional, but the unusual combination seems to work.

For fans of both, Jacek Michałski, the author here, has composed a list of horror movies involving gambling. If you’re looking for casino app titles with horror themes, try Cookie Casino.


Horror movies have been around for decades, captivating and thrilling audiences at the same time. Many enjoy the excitement and anticipation it brings, even though these films can be terrifying to watch. 

All of the movies featured in this list contain gambling themes or casino imagery.

Top Movies With Casino Themes

We’ll begin by first looking at some movies with themes relating to casinos.

Leprechaun 3

Leprechaun 3, directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, is part of a series and stars Warwick Davis as Leprechaun. Casinos and gambling make up the backstory and theme of this horror film, set in Las Vegas. Critics gave Leprechaun 3 negative reviews, but many people enjoyed it.

The Haunted Casino

This movie was initially titled ‘Dead Man’s Hand’, which is also a term used to mean a lousy poker hand. A group of people inherit a haunted and abandoned casino on the outskirts of Las Vegas. They soon find out that the ghosts of mob bosses who lived in the 1940s are haunting the building.

Fright Night

The original version, now a cult classic, was released in 1985, but you can also check out the 2011 remake starring Colin Farrell. 2011’s Fright Night takes place in Las Vegas, and while it doesn’t feature gambling, it has exceptional acting.


Also called ‘13’ in Georgian, Tzameti’s central theme is Russian roulette, making it without a doubt a movie about gambling. The protagonist is a Georgian construction worker who immigrates to France for work.  He receives an envelope with what he thinks are directions to a job. He ends up at an isolated cabin and realises he will need to play the game to survive. Géla Babluani directs Tzameti.

Spirits Of The Dead

Filmed back in 1969, Spirits Of The Dead contain three tales about the poet, Edgar Allen Poe. It Features some notable acting talent, including Bridgitte Bardot and Peter Fonda. There’s a particular scene in the movie with gambling, and it also involves high stakes, making this one a highly recommended choice for gambling fans.


Remains, released in 2011, falls into the category of zombie horror and takes place in a casino in Reno. A nuclear disaster starts a zombie apocalypse. The story follows a group of casino employees that are lucky enough not to be turned into zombies. While the movie isn’t that scary, you could call it a movie about casinos as the activity gets shown many times.

Final Recommendation

Another movie with strong gambling elements is Casino, released in 1995, and starring Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. Although it isn’t a horror movie, it’s worth watching because of the talented cast of actors. De Niro plays a mobster who moves to Las Vegas to make his fortune. 

A fellow mobster, played by Joe Mesci, joins him and their luck changes when they meet a hustling showgirl named Ginger McKenna. De Niro’s character, Ace, falls in love with Ginger and takes a huge gamble when he decides to marry her, while chaos unleashes all around.


There’s nothing like a quiet weekend to ease back and binge watch some series or films. We hope you enjoyed this list of horror movies involving gambling. If you aren’t interested in horror but enjoy gambling, check out Casino on Netflix.