6 Best Practical Effects in Horror Films

Sadly, the moment a film hits the silver screen, it gets dated. It is almost impossible for a movie to exist ahead of its time. If you can watch with a modern eye, you can, of course, spot the seams of a “classic” cinema. While watching a horror flick, be free and allow yourself an eye-roll or a good chuckle. Some movies do have the potential to surprise you.

In a horror movie, especially, the practical effect invokes a poignant reaction longer than a weightless computer cartoon. So, here we have come up with six of the best practical effects in horror movies. Most of our picks are from the 1980s-gooey era. Some of the scenes are so epic that they are unshakable even to date.

Date Scene – The Blob

Tony Gardner, the mind behind the special effects of 1988 released ‘The Blob’ was initially got on board to create some minor effects in the movie. However, throughout the film, he ended up heading a crew of 33 to come up with this effects-heavy classic. Sarah, who offers accounting homework help online, says that the eponymous character holds as exemplary even decades later. When you watch the movie, you’ll find a myriad of scenes that are worth a mention.

However, one scene that takes away all the limelight is where you’ll see the eating habits of the Blob. Pretty harsh to see Meg Penny’s awkward first date turn into horror when Paul grabs himself a second meal. The scene showcases, Paul being engulfed and digested fully with just his acid severed arm leftover as a souvenir. It would take you a while to digest the digestion scene.

The Resurrection of Frank – Hellraiser

Bob Keen, the special makeup effects designer along with the prolific members of his team did create magnificent effects in the 1987 classic, Hellraiser by Clive Barker. Anaida, who offers online do my programming assignment service, states that despite a budget and time crunch, the final output you see on screen is splendid. Remember the beating heart underneath the floorboards? Surprisingly, it was composed of a condom, tubing, glue, and a few other bits and pieces put together in a whole. However, one thing that steals the thunder is the resurrection scene of Frank Cotton. You’ll be astounded to see the slow congregation of the viscera, sinew, blood, and muscle. It is impossible to predict the plight of Julia when she saw the ghastly Frank in the attic.

Orgy Scene – Society

If you have seen the 1989 cult horror drama, Society, you cannot ever get over the Orgy scene. You know, sometimes, a few scenes of a horror movie take a fantastical turn, and that’s exactly what happens in the Society. Kiara, who recently had to pay for research paper online, says that the mere presence of Screaming Mad George, the legendary f/x artist, assures the massive success of the scene. The class commentary of the movie comes to a slimy and deformed life as the opulent feast on the poor, which takes place not via cannibalism, but rather by way of fleshy absorption. Honestly, the scene is both magical and disgusting, at the same time.

Biker Lunch – Dawn of the Dead

James, who offers write my research paper service online, states list that any list that talks about horror movie special effects cannot be complete without a mention of the contributions of Tom Savini. He has a plethora of credits under his names. However, one scene which can be used as the iconic example of the best practical effects is the scene from the iconic Dawn of the Dead. In the Biker Lunch scene, you can indeed experience some ground-breaking special effects. The decapitation and the machete to zombie skull are beyond remarkable. However, the scene where the bikers are consumed alive brings forth the realistic gore of Tom. You’ll see every painful, excruciating, detail in the scene.

Lawnmower Attack Scene – Dead Alive

You might know Peter Jackson as the director of the classic The Lord of the Rings. Nia, who offers the best blockchain certification online, says, that this beautiful mind depicted his excellence long before in 1992 released, Dead Alive. It is well proved by the cinematic madness and the prolific effects showcased in this scene. You’ll see a game of soccer played with a severed head over a ball which is soon ceased by the lawnmower massacre. What follows next will horrify every cell of your body. You’ll see intestines wrap around machinery, limbs flying left, right and centre, and blood oozing out like a water fountain. It is nothing short of madness.

Head Explosion Scene – Scanners

Julie, who did an excellent semrush review online, states, that the head explosion scene of the 1981 released Scanners is by far the most outstanding practical effect in horror movie. To date, the scene has been the most used, abused and over-used GIF. No matter, how many times you watch this movie, the scene doesn’t lose its visceral awe. It is a work of two exceptionally talented artists, Gary Zeller (special effects head) and Stephan Dupois (makeup artist). One designed and packed the fake head while the other blew it apart with a shotgun.

So, these according to us are the top six practical effects showcased in a horror movie. If you have more to add, do let us know, in the comments below.