5 reasons to use Instagram for start-up film companies

Start-up film companies have a very different and unique way of viewing social media. These companies are in a business where they create content to attract an audience but they also need to be very careful not to over-advertise their movies and risk driving away potential viewers. Instagram is the ideal platform for these types of companies because it is a visual platform, so you can share your projects without having to go into much detail. There are many benefits that Instagram offers start-up film companies and this article will explore 5 of these benefits.

You can easily promote your work 

There are over 500 million daily users on Instagram which demonstrates how wide the audience is on this popular social media app. Instagram is a great place to get your project in front of an audience who otherwise would not be exposed to your work. Instagram offers a service where users who have a business profile can promote their work to any desired amount of people for an affordable fee. You can also employ the help of Influencers who can promote your work to their large following and, in turn, your work will gain exposure and you will gain more followers as well. There are also growth services available, such as Growthsilo, that help you gain real followers organically, no bots! Using these services will get you more followers in a matter of days, so make sure you put that in your budget plan.

You can share your work 

Instagram is the perfect place for start-ups with limited resources because it is very easy and quick to share content on social media. Instagram requires no printed materials or other resources because everything is done digitally which makes Instagram cheap and conventional as opposed to the old traditional method of advertising which is very costly and is proven to be ineffective in a world where social media dominates. 

You can explore similar accounts 

Instagram allows the use of hashtags which when used, make users discoverable and exposes your content to a wider audience. Hashtags are the perfect tool to help people discover your account and give you a follow if they are interested. Instagram is also an open space so you are able to keep your eyes close on your competition and see what they are doing. This is good because you can learn from your competition and keeping a close eye on them can inspire you to restructure your strategy if need be. You are easily able to assess what works and what doesn’t just by watching other accounts who are doing the same thing you are doing. 

You can easily find sponsors

Instagram is the perfect platform for you if you are looking for investors or collaborators. There is a built-in search bar that helps you find potential partners who can really benefit your start-up. If you want to find partners and get sponsored on Instagram you need to ensure that you do the following things:

  1. Make sure that you define your brand.
  2. Make sure you identify your audience.
  3. Be sure to post consistently. 

You don’t need a professional designer 

Instagram has great built-in editing features that allow you to edit your pictures in a fun and easy-to-use way even if you have no formal design training or experience.  There are many filters available to use on your images to add a different feel to them. You can also blur some elements of your image, adjust the contrast and brightness and even simply crop elements of your image that you do not want to be included. If your image is not straight, there is a tool to adjust and align it and you can play around with the sharpness of the image as well.  It is very important to have good images to ensure that you attract your audience. Remember, Instagram is about visuals. 

Instagram is not just a place for your average Joe to share intimate moments with friends and family members – it is a great tool for you as a business to reach your target audience. If you are a start-up film company and you haven’t explored Instagram to reach your crowd, what are you waiting for?